EcoSoy Wax Melts

EcoSoy Wax Melts

  • $6.00


Want your house to smell good for longer than 5 minutes? Our heavily scented wax melts will keep your house smelling like the maid just left.

No maid? No worries.

Hand poured premium XO & Co EcoSoy wax melts.




Grandmas Place: Always walk in the door and I smells a bit like an Earl Grey and a lot like this candle. A deliciously sweet vanilla caramel.

Honey, you did the laundry!- Fool your man and even maybe the mother in law. A crispy fresh linen scent.

Chai to eat me. Please don't eat this candle. It does smell like a warm inviting vanilla chai though.

Jadore mon amour- The French know their sweets. Particularly this silky vanilla.

Poire Lumiere: A sweet and romantic candle, a fruity Parisian pear.

Bermuda, Bahama, Come on Pretty Mama- Go to Kokomo with this zesty and beachy Coconut & Lime.

A Rose Among Thorns- A floral and beautiful Peony Rose. Simply divine.

The Ginger Ninja Orchid- Who would have thought that ginger would pair so well with a subtle but intense floral Black Orchid. Oriental, but not. Feminine but dark. Its our fave.