Natural Vegan Aluminum Free Deodorant

Natural Vegan Aluminum Free Deodorant

  • $6.95

This unisex deodorant is 100% natural and doesn't contain any aluminium or irritating bicarb soda. Containing Candelila wax, nourishing Coconut Oil & Virgin Shea butter, this lightly fragranced deodorant will keep you smell free all day long.

Don't be put off by the grey of our formula, it's due to our secret ingredient Diatomaceous Earth, which contains Bentonite Clay.

The scent carrying, odor eliminating properties of diatomaceous earth (DE) make it an effective ingredient for natural deodorant. It's a great way to protect against body odor even if you have very sensitive skin. Diatomaceous earth is almost perfectly pH neutral, meaning it won't irritate skin that is sensitive to acidic or alkaline levels.

Comes in a handy travel tin; lightly scented with Grapefruit Essential oil.


Sweating is the body's natural way of eliminating toxins, and is a normal bodily function. Our deodorant isn't meant to stop you sweating (we aren't an antiperspirant filled with chemicals) But it will control any odours, and have you smelling fresh.


Vegan friendly.


 50g tin.


 Please note: Having a cleanse fromall deodorant for a few days is important in ridding.your body of toxins you will have to use this one (or any other natural deodorant) for a week or so before you body starts to adjust..and remember, sweating is a GOOD thing! Just not the smell!



Directions for use:

Use a pea sized amount and rub into armpits for a natural odour control. Reapply under strenuous exercise.

Please patch test prior to use and discontinue if any irritation occurs.









Organic coconut oil

Virgin Shea Butter

Almond Oil

Candelila Wax

Arrowroot Powder

Diatomaceous Earth

Grapefruit Essential Oil