EcoSoy Jar Candles

EcoSoy Jar Candles

  • $17.95

Hand poured premium XO & Co EcoSoy candles.

Excellent scent throw. This does not mean our candles actually toss things. It means that you can actually smell them, unlike some decievingly pretty ones out there. #nofakeshere

 All of our fragrances are phthalate free.


See our Candle Care page for more info on how to prolong the life of our candles.


Scents available:



Grandmas Place: Always walk in the door and I smells a bit like an Earl Grey and a lot like this candle. A deliciously sweet vanilla caramel.

Honey, you did the laundry!- Fool your man and even maybe the mother in law. A crispy fresh linen scent.

Chai to eat me. Please don't eat this candle. It does smell like a warm inviting vanilla chai though.

Jadore mon amour- The French know their sweets. Particularly this silky vanilla.

Poire Lumiere: A sweet and romantic candle, a fruity Parisian pear.

Bermuda, Bahama, Come on Pretty Mama- Go to Kokomo with this zesty and beachy Coconut & Lime.

A Rose Among Thorns- A floral and beautiful Peony Rose. Simply divine.

The Ginger Ninja Orchid- Who would have thought that ginger would pair so well with a subtle but intense floral Black Orchid. Oriental, but not. Feminine but dark. Its our fave.






As with all of our candles we advise to discontinue use when there is approximately 13mm of wax left. The reason for this, is as the wick sustained (metal part at bottom of wick) is in direct contact with glass, it can heat up and cause the glass to crack or break.